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Why Did I Choose This Book?

I chose the book Enrique’s Journey, first of all because I saw it was a National Bestseller. Another reason why I chose this book was because I know a lot of people, relatives and many friends of my parent’s that have gone through the same thing Enrique did but dont dare to describe or explain how their journey was. Since a lot of people dont like to share this story I wanted to see what they went through and why a lot of them wouldn’t share theiir story. The author Sonia Nazario shares the same thought as me. And that’s what this book is about, Sonia Nazario experiencing the journey of Enrique as a Honduran immigrant illegally immigrating to the U.S in search of his mother. Like a lot of friends I know, many of them grew up with out their mother’s in their early years. That was because many mother’s¬† from Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and most of Central America migrate to the U.S through a very dangerous route, including what mostly this whole book is about, trains. Train hopping is the main idea of this book. Kids from ages as early as 7 years old start migrating on these in search of their mothers. Most of the¬†immigrants who travel are in between the ages of 14 and 25 and are mostly all male. Not many women choose to travel through this way because they can encounter the many disadvantages such as rape, getting pregnant and getting assassinated easily or like the male population, loosing parts of your body because of the train tracks.