Initial Impression of The Book

After reading the first chapter of Enrique’s journey, it really succeeded my expectations. I thought the book would turn out to be boring and just full of facts. But by reading the first page you could sense the feeling of how the decision that was going to be made in the beginning of the book, would have the biggest impact on the story. Enrique who at the moment is only 5 years old is abandoned by his mother, Lourdes, who is going to travel to the United States seeking for a job so she can send money to her children for them to go to school and have a full stomache. Enrique who is the smallest out of all the kids clearly expresses his confusion and sadness as to who will take care of him now? He has his grandmother but the absence of his mother really affects him. Days later Enruqye and his family get the news that his mother made it into the United States safely and got a job cleaning houses. Each month she sends a good amount of money so that her kids can continue school and have the best clothes and shoes. Enrique now lives his dad since his grandmother didnt have enough to support all of them. Sadly enough, Enrique’s father meets a women whom he gets married to and has kids with and eventually sends Enrique back with his grandmother. Enrique now feels like both of his parents have abandoned him, which leads him to make some bad decisions. Enrique now becomes a drug addict and takes the decision he is going to go look for his mother.


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