Characters Evolving

From the beginning to the end of the first chapter you can already tell that Enrique, the main character of the book has changed drastically. The first change the reader can tell Enrique makes is when he starts describing his resentment against both of his parents for abandoning him. After this he makes another drastic decision that changes the way he looks at life and his current situation. Enrique being only 17 years old starts smoking marijuana and other illegal substances, furthermore he drops out of school making his mother and other relatives really disappointed. Other events that contributed to Enrique’s attitude changes was his relationship with his girlfriend Maria Isabel, whom he got pregnant after he left to the United States. When Enrique finally meets with his mother, he goes through an extreme change phase and starts being a complete different and better person. Another character that evolved throughout the story was Enrique’s mother, Lourdes. Lourdes goes to the United States with her mind set that she will give Enrique and Belky a good life in Honduras, surely she succeeds but then starts making mistakes. Lourdes after two years of being in the United States she gets pregnant by a man who leaves her right after she has her daughter, Diana. When she reunites with Enrique she is finally happy again. Maria Isabel, Enrique’s girlfriend, also begins to change after Enrique leaves. At first they would always talk and have communication but as time would passed, Maria Isabel starting maturing and started realizing that she didn’t need Enrique in her life and soon got herself a job to support her daughter, Jasmin.


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