Interesting Character

The most interesting character from the book, in my opinion was Enrique. Not just because he was the main character of the book but because he had to make a lot of tough decisions to get to where he wanted to. I found Enrique very interesting by the very first chapter of the book because of how he adapted to his mother’s decision. I myself could not of imagined how bad I would of reacted knowing my mother was probably never going to come back. Enrique explains his sadness and painfulness throughout his childhood by demonstrating different patterns of attitude changes. I never thought he would take the path of drugs, simply because I thought he would want to make his mother proud but I also understand him because his mother lied to him many times and brought his hopes up for nothing. Another interesting thing that I found in Enrique was his courage and determination to get to the United States no matter how many attempts it took him. He attempted dangerous rides through trains for four months. Experiencing depressing and traumatizing things by seeing people that tried riding the trains, get their legs or other parts of their body’s ripped off. Enrique also crossed the dangerous Rio Grande without knowing how to swim and avoiding patrol officials. What triggered me the most about him was how once he reunited with his mother he began to act different than what I expected after living with her for a couple of months.


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