My prediction for the end of the book was that Enrique was going to reunite with his mother and then both of them would go back to live to Honduras with his sister Belky. But after I read the ending it turned out to be a complete different ending full of surprises and plot twists. Something that took me by surprise was how Enrique began to change towards his mother and the way he treated her was something I never expected. I thought that once he was with her he would be the happiest he ever would be and would stop his addictions. Surprisingly, Enrique began a new addiction, this time not only to drugs but to alcohol. I also expected for Enrique to hate his American sister Diana or hold some type of grudge against her but if there was anyone who Enrique loved more than anyone, it was  her. Another thing that was probably the biggest plot twist was when Maria Isabel, Enrique’s girlfriend, took the decision of leaving her 3 year old daughter behind to go with Enrique to the United States. The author had already described the isolation Enrique was creating for her and when that was ending it really took me by surprise. And lastly, I never expected for Belky to see her mother at all. Furthermore, I never expected them to meet through a popular TV show, but I can overall say the ending was a good one.


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